Highlights from Revive Church Launch

Alex Gilpin shared some great highlights from Revive Church’s launch this past weekend in Independence, MO:

It was a very special morning for team Revive. An overwhelming flooding of emotion as dream/vision became reality in a lot of ways.

This is a picture of our ribbon cutting today at Revive. We had reps from the school district, Van Horn, LINC, Ethnic Council, councilman, State Senator, Stadia, local businesses and the the chamber of commerce. Its good to be a part of the “network” in Western Independence.

We had 192 there to celebrate with us!

One quick story, Veronica Chavez and her husband are restaurant owners just north of the school at Palominos. We have tried to support her business and family by creating a discount for our Revive team to encourage our people to shop local. This is a family that does not go to church at all. They came yesterday for the ribbon cutting, stuck around and this is a Facebook post from her: “I really enjoyed today! I went to a great church service at Revive Church this morning. Feeling so blessed to have the church in northwest independence. I truly believe they are a great influence and I plan on going to Revive more often.”

Ok, another story: my friend Chris who is a councilman in our area. He’s actually a Community of Christ pastor. Chris and his girlfriend were there, stuck around and this was a text he sent me later: Great service. Great message. Just what I needed to hear. Your mission, vision, and execution are inspiring. Thanks for letting be a part of your launch!


51 “Christmas Mornings” in 2014

By Tom Jones, Executive Director

10359519_10154909430275374_6465870558429683325_nIs there anything better than seeing a child experience Christmas? At Thanksgiving Debbie and I were thrilled to see our granddaughter Cora see a Christmas tree for the first time. Her bright eyes were dancing as she intently looked at the lights and ornaments. I will never forget that sweet smiling face.

During this Advent season I’m reminded of Stadia’s vision. We are committed to making sure “Every Child has a Church.” God’s strategy to change the world was to send a child. Everything changed when God sent the baby Jesus. The church is an extension of Jesus.

Every time a Stadia church opens its doors in South America in partnership with Compassion International or starts a new church in the United States, it’s Christmas Morning for the children in that community. Jesus arrives; hope emerges. Seriously, it’s Christmas morning.

During 2014, Stadia and our partners brought “Christmas morning” to 51 communities across the U.S. and Latin America. Check out the video to celebrate with these communities and if you’d like to know more about Stadia and how we are making a difference in the lives of children, or financially partner with us, go to www.stadia.cc.

San Diego Sparks a Bold Ten-Year Vision


San Diego FeatureChris Hornbrook, lead pastor of Momentum Christian Church in San Diego, knew when he was called to plant a church, he would not just be planting one church, but planting a church that would reproduce, both in San Diego and to the ends of the earth.

The San Diego area is comprised of hundreds of unique communities all with their own personalities and characteristics. One important subtlety Chris quickly learned is that people typically don’t want to drive more than 15 minutes for anything…including church. He shared, “we began to feel like we needed to plant in all of the communities of San Diego and to contextualize the gospel to that particular community.”

Chris shares how this vision began to take shape. “About two years after arriving in San Diego and planting Momentum, I woke up in the middle of the night. I don’t typically wake up like that – I was convinced the Lord had woken me up and wanted to talk, so I got out of bed, took a journal and my Bible and spent some time praying and listening to God. During that time, I felt that God showed me a dream of 10-10-10: plant 10 reproducing churches in San Diego and 10 churches internationally in 10 years. This seemed like a huge dream for a little church like ours. The next day, I called an elder to share what I believed the Lord wanted for Momentum and without hesitation he committed his leadership and finances.”

Even after embracing the 10-10-10 vision, the leadership of Momentum didn’t understand how the international component was going to happen. It wasn’t long until Stadia announced their global partnership with Compassion International. Now, when a new church is planted domestically in a San Diego neighborhood, they are challenged to plant a church globally in partnership with Stadia and Compassion international within their first year.

In the fall of 2012, Momentum had their first church plant resident. He spent a year with the leadership team and in 2013 planted 20 minutes away in the Santee community. That location recently celebrated its one-year anniversary and regularly has 300 people in their weekend worship with over 50 people being baptized. The church in Santee will plant a church in Bolivia in 2015.

As the vision of 10-10-10 unfolds in the San Diego area, Chris remains committed to leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus. The future is bright at Momentum. Chris told us that the next church plant resident was recently hired and has been with the leadership team for about two months. Chris looks forward to watching churches being planted not only in the greater San Diego area, but to the ends of the earth as well.






Top 5 Things Greg Wants His Children to Know About Money

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 9.29.28 AM
*Tithing is a discipline that will train you to have an amazing financial life.
*We are blessed for one reason and one reason only . . . to be a blessing to others.
*God is looking for people He can trust with His resources and when we are faithful to generously invest in things that are close to the heart of God then He will entrust us with even more.
*Life is not about attaining more and more stuff–It’s about determining your “enough” and then investing the rest in God’s Kingdom.
*It is a horrible thing to be a slave to debt.


Simply because it’s the right thing to do!

Recently, Greg traveled to Colombia and witnessed first hand the incredible partnership between Stadia and Compassion International.  He shares an important part of the trip…

Julie and I were traveling by bus along with 20 other leaders from the U.S.A. from Bogota to Cartagena.  Just the previous day we had flown from our home in Northern Ohio to Colombia, South America.
As we settled in for the multi-hour bus-ride, our conversation turned toward the children of Colombia.  Specifically the children who would be part of Compassion International’s ministry at two of the new churches Stadia was in the process of planting.
Our friend Erik, who works for Compassion, handed us six child-sponsorship packets representing six of the children that could be sponsored at the churches we would be visiting.  Julie and I slowly read the details about each child; who they lived with, what they enjoyed doing, how well they were doing in school.  And then we returned the packets to Erik.
I turned to Julie and said, “You know, I just didn’t feel the Holy Spirit nudging us to sponsor any of those children.”  And Julie replied, “You don’t need to feel the Holy Spirit’s nudge . . . Jesus already told you to care for these children simply because it’s the right thing to do!”
And so, four year old Lainer and three year old Chamell entered our extended family . . . simply because Jesus said it’s the right thing to do.
Is there anything in your life that Jesus has already told you to do that you’re putting off by saying “I’m waiting on a nudge from the Holy Spirit?”