Highlights from Revive Church Launch

Alex Gilpin shared some great highlights from Revive Church’s launch this past weekend in Independence, MO:

It was a very special morning for team Revive. An overwhelming flooding of emotion as dream/vision became reality in a lot of ways.

This is a picture of our ribbon cutting today at Revive. We had reps from the school district, Van Horn, LINC, Ethnic Council, councilman, State Senator, Stadia, local businesses and the the chamber of commerce. Its good to be a part of the “network” in Western Independence.

We had 192 there to celebrate with us!

One quick story, Veronica Chavez and her husband are restaurant owners just north of the school at Palominos. We have tried to support her business and family by creating a discount for our Revive team to encourage our people to shop local. This is a family that does not go to church at all. They came yesterday for the ribbon cutting, stuck around and this is a Facebook post from her: “I really enjoyed today! I went to a great church service at Revive Church this morning. Feeling so blessed to have the church in northwest independence. I truly believe they are a great influence and I plan on going to Revive more often.”

Ok, another story: my friend Chris who is a councilman in our area. He’s actually a Community of Christ pastor. Chris and his girlfriend were there, stuck around and this was a text he sent me later: Great service. Great message. Just what I needed to hear. Your mission, vision, and execution are inspiring. Thanks for letting be a part of your launch!


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