California Church Feeds Thousands Before Launch … Part 2

Last month we told you about Elevate Church’s plans to feed thousands of kids in their community even before their first official service. In the post below, Elevate Lead Pastor Kurt Pflegl tells us how the event attracted 242 people and made a giant impact.

By Kurt Pflegl, Elevate Church Lead Pastor

10941824_660687817387042_2372395671899453500_nOk, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… We came, we saw, we packaged OVER 10,000 meals! Generosity Feeds was a testimony to God’s faithfulness on many fronts. One of the biggest was this; the preceding Monday, we had just more than 60 volunteers!… 60! Ron Klabunde (Gen Feeds President) called Kurt and said (in his very upbeat Ron-sort-a way), “Hey buddy, I’m a little concerned…” As were we. We had promoted and promoted and made ask after ask to every networking group and church we have connection with in the area. We had thrown a carnival and not once, but twice had hosted a booth at the SLO Farmer’s Market… and yet, 60 had signed up.

As Sunday approached, the numbers began to increase. As we reached Sunday, we had 242 people registered and about that in attendance! Individuals and families from all walks of life showed up to serve the children of SLO County. Aubrey Bridges put together hours of great music, and everyone on our team brought a great deal of leadership and servant-heartedness to our volunteers to help them succeed. The organization Gen Feeds made the execution of the task seamless… even beyond their own expectations. Ron and Kathy (both from Gen Feeds) had expected with 300 volunteers, it would have taken us about 2 hours to package all 10,000 meals. With about 240, we ended up packaging over 10,000 in just over an hour!

The energy in the room, the experience people left with, and the enthusiasm to do it again (multiple people asked why we were only doing this once a year!) made this not just a win for Elevate, but for the community of SLO County! God is good!

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