BLOOM for Spouses

Bloom provides inspiration, encouragement and leadership development for planters’ spouses so they can provide the same to their families, staffs and churches. 

A church planter’s spouse is in a unique position with special challenges and demands placed upon them. Bloom empowers and resources the spouse to be successful while embracing their specific gifts, talents and passions. Bloom provides relationships with other spouses for teaching, prayer, encouragement and community.

All sharing is confidential, Connection venues include retreats, virtual chat groups, candid sharing and learning opportunities.  No one can understand what you’re going thru like someone who has been on the same journey.

Bloom Offers:

  • Annual Retreat: Connection, training and refreshment.
  • Call-tivate Ministry: Monthly contact from a seasoned church planting wife during a planter spouse’s first year.
  • Resources, Writing Teams, E-news.
  • Virtual Communities.
  • Prayer Team: Domestic and Global.
  • Closed Facebook Community: Where you can share, celebrate, and ask questions.
  • Blessings Ministry: Sending thoughtful tokens of encouragement.

Learn more about Bloom and connect with us at the following links: