US Planting


Right now, the U.S. has millions upon millions of people who have no connection to a local church. These are people for whom God deeply and desperately cares. Church planting continues to be the best way to show God’s love. Over 80% of people who attend a church plant were previously unchurched and spiritually disenfranchised.

Stadia collaborates with partners to expand the Kingdom of God through church planting within the United States.

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Stadia brings together churches, individuals and organizations that share a passion and vision for expanding the Kingdom through church planting. This partnership forms a church planting network. The network maximizes each partner’s relational connections, financial resources and visionary expertise to start new churches that have the greatest potential for long term impact. Read more …

Stadia has a passion for helping you discover your unique church planting journey. Stadia’s personalized Planter Discovery process helps you identify how your gifting, experience and season of life can best be used by God in the planting of a Church.

Over 90% of churches Stadia has helped plant in the last five years are successfully fulfilling their mission of spiritual and community transformation. A large part of that impact is identifying and preparing the right planter.

Are you a future church planter, ready to get started? Click HERE.

Once we have formed the church planting network and helped the church planter/planter couple discover their calling and direction, we surround them with systems and experienced, dedicated leaders who invest heavily into setting them, their families and teams up for a “win” … long-term, powerful impact. Read more …